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Mount MTP USB device

Written by Sebastien Devaux - - no comments

Since mass storage device is not always available, exchange files using MTP becomes mandatory.

  • 1st, install jmtpfs package or simular (mtpfs, go-mtpfs). fuse is needed.
  • add users that need to mount such device to the fuse group.
  • create a new directory that will be used as mount point (for instance ~/mtpdev).
  • For each file exchange session:
    • plug your USB device (beware, connection some android phone will fail if in standby mode, unlock your device first).
    • mount device: $ jmtpfs ~/mtpdev
    • do wathever you want on the mounted file system (unfortunately, much slower than any mass storage device).
    • Once all exchanges are completed, unmount file system: $ fuser -u ~/mtpdev
    • The device is ready to unplug.

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